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A physicist and mystic, wrestling with reality at deep levels, and seeking to share the wisdom I have been granted with those that choose to place themselves in the service of Life.

The life history that informs my perspective is offered in the series Me, Myself and Christ:

As a scientist, I frequently find myself challenged regarding the basis for my faith, and so feel moved to establish here the proposition of Christianity as I understand it. This is from my post A Christian Reaction to Buddhism:

[O]ur bodies are wonderfully designed to channel love to create healing. Submitting to the action of tears, feeling deeply our sorrow: those are practices that inform love when and where it needs to do its work. Christ was the ultimate manifestation of this truth: after preaching that there was nothing we can do either to alienate God or to gain preferential claims on his love, Jesus surrendered body, mind and spirit to the purpose of healing humanity of the self-destructive consequences of the predatory programming that we brought forward from our Darwinian past. In his resurrection, he delivered compelling proof of the power of love for those that rely upon their hearts, and thus must trust in faith.

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    • Yes, Dowlphin, I did read it. I tried to post a comment, but didn’t want to create another social media account. It was:

      “Tra-la-la”? Was that meant for Betty? Like “Pick one already, girl!”

    • It was internet jargon – trololol. Combination of troll and lol. God trolled him. Wanted him to learn how to laugh about life and himself. It was the keyword for the failsafe lesson-trigger, which became possible once the internet was popular.

  1. I’d also like to invite you to follow my blog, since it likely contains thoughts and musings that could be insightful to you, of somewhat related themes as your own blog.

    ( This message will not self-destruct in five seconds, but feel free to do so. ^^ )
    (All three comments on this page here can eventually be deleted when they have served their porpoise. I’m just using this page for direct communication with you.)

    • Thank-you. I went by and found one on Krishna and Jesus, but don’t think that was your reference. A search on “Buddha Jesus” didn’t draw any hits. Could you help?

    • Thank you for this. The first paragraph in particular struck me. I understand why you thought of this as a comparison between Jesus and Buddha.

      I am deeply interested in the modern currents of religious expression. Do you know of anything that characterizes the challenges facing Buddhist practitioners? As your post makes clear, Humanity in every era receives those things that it needs. What is the next step for Buddhism? What are the major road blocks?

    • My pleasure, indeed.
      Hmm, I’m not sure if I understand your questions and whether my response to them will be synonymous. As Gaudiya vaisnavas and vaisnavis (practitioners of bhakti-yoga), we have an understanding of Buddhism, simply for the fact that Sri Krishna’s 21st incarnation to this world, was that of the original Lord Buddha.
      As you will have read on the link I had given you, you may have come to the other link at the end of the post that takes you to the online book that talks about Lord Buddha. Don’t know if you saw that. Anyhow, to answer your first question, it would be impossible for me to know what challenges Buddhist practitioners are facing, as we don’t focus on Buddhism and it would also depend on the individual and which Buddha they are meditating on. Saying this, it doesn’t really matter, as at the end of the day, the goal of Buddhism is nirvana – nothingness. So the next step for Buddhism befuddles me.
      If I was a Buddhist, I would seek the root of the Tree, which is Sri Krishna, but I can’t say for you or anyone, as everyone follows a path according to their nature. The biggest major road blocks in Buddhism is the fact that they think the universe is nothingness, false, maya (that which is not). Thus when the beginning and the end is false, the middle naturally necessitates falseness also. Hence, where can this lead to, but oblivion. Death of the soul.
      This is some more reading on the subject on our archive online texts: http://vedabase.net/sb/1/3/24/en
      In any sphere of life, we have to first establish our aim and goal, otherwise we will be walking an aimless road or one which ends in a painful cul de sac.
      Happy to share such discussions if you feel led. Blessings and light…

  2. Hi Brian – I was perusing your blog and you have so much to share and so much knowledge it’s overwhelming! With your education, background, and experiences, I would have nothing but respect for whatever conclusions you make on major issues and questions in life. I’m looking forward to learning more about your perspectives, although I’ll have to take that slowly, with a mind like yours… lol Just want you to know I am grateful for the connection.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Kelly. I’ve had the good fortune to have been guided through life and human understanding by those that thought and felt deeply about what was important. My contribution has only been to try to find the wholeness in it all, where our society usually seeks distinctions that can be heralded for personal advantage. I guess that makes me an “out-of-the-box” thinker?

      I’m glad that you sympathize with my perspective, and I look forward to your reactions!

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