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I’ll be posting chapters from my book here, with the contents roughly synchronized with the introduction of concepts in the blog pages.

9/23/11 – The LA Times had an article on neutrino velocities measured to be faster than the speed of light. I have some experience with such measurements, and know that systematic effects often result in significant adjustments before the final results are published. However, it prompts interest in the history of cosmology and the basis for Einstein’s theories, and the cosmology derived from them.

8/9/15 – Due to personal and work stress, I took a long hiatus from this blog after the first couple of weeks, only picking it back up in November 2014 following the publication of Ma and The Soul Comes First. I told the publishing consultant at Trafford that the principle goal of my writing was to prepare the public to receive Love Works, but that I wanted to lead with the other two because “it would hurt less” if they weren’t a commercial success. Well, self-publishing is a tough business, and unless one is part of the chic clique of academic writers, it’s really hard to get new ideas in front of the public. The only copies of the books that have been sold have been through personal face-to-face marketing. So, while Love Works as it is would really benefit from professional copy editing and graphics design, I’m just putting it up for free. Enjoy!

LoveWorks – Front Matter

Part I – A Physicist Considers Spirituality

LoveWorks – Chapter 1
The Nature of Spirituality examines the skeptics’ arguments for dismissing spiritual phenomena, and asserts that the material that follows will dispense with them.

LoveWorks – Chapter 2
The Big Bang Myth traces the evolution of the reigning scientific theory of the origins of the universe. I clarify certain misconceptions, and point out that the theory may be criticized on some of the grounds used to dismiss spirituality.

LoveWorks – Chapter 3
Thought and Calculation celebrates the simple pleasures of our ability to plan ahead. That leads to considerations of the dangers of social change that cause fear of new ideas. That tension is used to illuminate the Conservative/Liberal dichotomy that roils our political waters to day, pointing out that it is a distraction from concrete problems that threaten our survival as a species.

LoveWorks – Chapter 4
Back to Revolution offers a thumbnail sketch of the history of physics, concluding that modern theories broke with past history in assuming that there was no additional structure in the electron and other “fundamental” particles. A new class of theories is offered, along with an alternative picture of the origins of the universe and the mechanisms of spiritual experience. Part I concludes with a warning that we’d better slow down and think about where we’re headed.

Part II – Biblical Science

LoveWorks – Chapter 5
Justifying Faith begins to apply our model of spiritual experience to the writings of the Bible. After advancing a classification scheme to help us avoid misapplication of wisdom intended only for our ancestors, it considers the creation myth as a compressed history of Darwinian evolution. Humanity is identified as the solution to it’s terrible inefficiencies.

LoveWorks – Chapter 6
The Fall elaborates on the spiritual state of animals at the time of Humanity’s arrival on the evolutionary stage. Eden is interpreted as the scene of the collision between blood spirituality and human intellect. Frameworks are advanced for symbolic interpretation of the two Trees as a means of characterizing what was lost in that struggle.

LoveWorks – Chapter 7
Vision and the End considers the Mosaic Law as an attempt to strengthen the bastion of reason so that Humanity could return to Eden. The Old Testament is summarized, with a focus on the mixed blessings of prophesy. I interpret Daniel’s Dream of the Four Beasts in the context of the struggle with blood spirituality.

LoveWorks – Chapter 8
Passion celebrates the extent to which that conflict was focused in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and asserts that the undocumented participation of women played a critical part in his success.

Part III – Coupling

LoveWorks – Chapter 9
Human Nature looks at the sociology of blood spirituality, which manifests in our behaviors through rites of sex, hunting, maternity and sacrifice. The structure of the brain is analyzed, and we consider the physiology of the conflict between reason and fear. The spiritual element of that struggle – the creation of ideas that exist outside of material space and time – is celebrated.

LoveWorks – Chapter 10
Basic Terms advances a philosophy of personal relation, illustrated with simple pictures, that illuminates the dynamic between material and spiritual existence. The chapter concludes with an examination of unavoidable dangers, though suggesting that even here, the gifts of spirit empower our survival.

LoveWorks – Chapter 11
Life, Simply offers a theory of personal development, again illustrated with simple pictures, with the goals of celebrating maturity and providing a framework for criticizing immature behavior.

LoveWorks – Chapter 12
Bound to Love characterizes the feminine/masculine dichotomy as a means of harmonizing material and spiritual experience. While modern hedonism is decried, the chapter concludes with a picture of marriage that celebrates the power of mature bondings.

Part IV – Humanity Risen

LoveWorks – Chapter 13
Beyond Man and Woman looks at the psychological pressures that cause us to surrender to fear, and elaborates more fully on the spiritual gifts that support us in that struggle.

LoveWorks – Chapter 14
Promises of Peace considers the nature and value of faith. Following the observation that all religions predict that Humanity achieves maturity, ushering in an era of right relation, it exhorts us to join our powers to bring the process to fruition.

LoveWorks – End Matter

5 thoughts on “Love Works

  1. Interesting chapter from that book. If I wasn’t burnt out from too much reading, I’d consider giving it a try. That means it is easy to read.
    About the things that influence light’s energy/color, I wonder: Are gases in space being forgotten? Because I rarely see it mentioned in regards to these matters. I’d imagine that with proper science, whenever e.g. the Doppler effect is mentioned, it would have to be considered that there are trace amounts of gases in space that, over those incredible distances, absorb certain wavelengths.
    There are interesting points about all this cosmological stuff that trigger science establishment’s resistance, like electrical universe as a theory that claims to explain everything based on non-relativistic science. Or the odd contradiction of reverence of Einsteins theories that claim light speed is a constant vs. claims these days by the science establishment that light can slow down.
    This all ties into mental/spiritual problems of manifesting the results you want to find (intellectual bias) as well as puzzling findings from quantum physics that suggest it might be high time for science to include spirituality into their field, as Taoist sciences have done naturally.
    Personally, based on what I experienced, there are truths that would boggle any mind, and science itself might, at a very high level, just one of the biggest confidence tricks / cases of wishful thinking that ever existed. We might be creating reality by searching for the truth, when our dissatisfacting with knowing the answers combined with impatience leads to an unconscious process of desire, which then manifests something for the cute little egoic mind to ‘find’ and revel about.
    If people would only realize they are running the whole show, haha. Dangerous territory. Could blow the whole universe out of the water.

    • Dowlphin:

      Nice to encounter a fellow traveler. You might be interested in the Generative Orders research proposal, which I’ve posted in the December entries (starting 12/2), or the post “Why Physics is Important” from 11/20.

      Be well!


    • Je vous en pris!
      But it looks like I’m going to have to get out my old laptop and fix the problem with the images now. Maybe after a long nap. (I’ve got some nasty bug beating up on my kidneys today.)

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