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This page contains links to blog entries in which I lay out a new model of fundamental physics. The series began with the Generative Orders research proposal, which is pretty dense with physics jargon. The listing begins with the Dark Energy series.

Here is my credential.


Remember the patent office, and try reading “A Massive Mystery” and “Way Beyond Teflon.” I know what I’m talking about.

The Dark Energy Series

A layman’s introduction to the defects in modern physics, and presenting an intuitive picture of how we might resolve them.

Einstein is So 20th Century and Hoisting by Einstein’s Petard
The God Particle
A Massive Mystery
Way Beyond Teflon
Shedding Light on Light Mysteries
That’s the Spirit

Generative Orders Research Proposal

Part I lays out my intentions, which is to use physics to prove to people that love works.
Part II looks at the cracks in the reigning theoretical framework, rooted in the principle of Gage Invariance.
Part III introduces and motivates a replacement for Gage Invariance, the principle of Generative Orders.
Part IV suggests an alternative to the Big Bang, and explores correspondences with known particle physics.
Part V lays out a long-term research program that will explore explicit models and determine their parameters.

Assault on the Ivory Tower

These posts highlight the evidence that supports a drive to overhaul the theoretical orthodoxy that rules fundamental physics and cosmology.

When Physics Breaks Down
Quantum Entanglement
Gravity Waves ‘Goodbye’ to Einstein
Super Massive Black Holes
The Big Bang Collapses
Anti-Matter Antidote

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