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Spiritually Engineered

Here we are.

No more doubts. No more partial truths, corrupted by political expediency. No more relying upon wisdom received from the past. We stand or fall on our own.

It is going to hurt. Humanity had at its disposal all of the tools needed to avoid this eventuality, but they were not marshaled and applied to that purpose. Rather, we focused on our material needs, attempting to separate ourselves from the cycles of nature. In the end, though, we are faced with the fact that we are not as powerful as they. They will hold us to account.

What are we to hope for, then? This: we are designed to organize resources other than the material elements made so convenient to us. It is there, in the realm of spirit, that we must accomplish the work of design that will liberate Human Nature from naive and foolish choices.

If we are inmates, then we have control of the asylum. Our only option is to become therapists. What use to hate crazy people? We are them.

Walk through time with us. The patient suffering of the lamb opens gates through which all truths are revealed. The joyous dissolution of masculine and feminine heals the divisions that separate us from understanding. When we surrender ourselves to service, we see each others’ need, and the Love of the Divine flows through us and heals our longing.

2 thoughts on “Spiritually Engineered

  1. Fascinating, Brian. It seems you underwent important and life-changing psychological and spiritual experiences prior and/or at the time of starting this blog.

    • Yeah, after years of passively describing my own experience in the hope that people would be inspired to share theirs, I decided to try encouraging people to take responsibility for themselves, rather than leaving it all in the hands of Jesus/Mohammed/Buddha/whomever.

      My father did always complained about my use of the “Royal ‘We'”.

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