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Ms. Richards Goes to Washington

While Ms. Richards’ performance yesterday was inspiring, I would caution against any belief that the ugliness of the tactics used by her accusers is a reflection of desperation. The statistics displayed by Chaffetz, despite the context of lies in which they were wrapped, reveal the success of the partisans in the anti-abortion crusade. The reason that Planned Parenthood is offering more abortions is because in many parts of the country, states have all but shut down the provision of abortions by others. They believe that the goal they have pursued since Roe v. Wade is within reach. Many of them arose out of states in which this moral issue has been tied to electoral funding, not only for religious reasons (applied somewhat hypocritically, as evidenced by yesterday’s execution in Georgia), but also because the moral fever protects Republican fundraisers from scrutiny that would reveal the ties between their misogyny and the anti-tax policies that have shifted so much wealth from the Republican middle-class to the ultra-rich.
These men know who signs the checks, and they will continue with this ugly parade of hearings until the Christian rhetoric is confronted by the truth that Jesus died to demonstrate that the use of government to enforce morality leads to enormous injustice that is painful to God the Father. If you want women to not have unplanned pregnancies, gentlemen, DO MORE TO LOVE THEM.

2 thoughts on “Ms. Richards Goes to Washington

  1. I thought that I’d offer specifics regarding “do more to love them”: as Ms. Roberts will be appearing again before Congress, I’d recommend that she take her opponents on head first with a statement along the lines of:

    No woman desires to have an abortion. It’s a humiliating and invasive procedure. I would be happy, with proper Congressional authorization, to seek to have Planned Parenthood collaborate with you to understand the specific circumstances that lead women to seek an abortion. Using insights obtained from anonymous, voluntary surveys, I hope that we could craft a public education campaign that would reduce the number of abortions. This would not only reduce the number of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood facilities, but by all providers.

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