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The Roseburg Ostrich

The Sheriff up in Roseburg, OR is a little testy about gun control.

More than a little, maybe, having put up a post recently in a public forum that suggested that New Town was staged by the federal government in order to build public favor for additional gun control legislation.

Anyways, his office has revealed that the college shooter had obtained all thirteen of his guns legally.



That doesn’t strike anyone as an unhealthy obsession? That doesn’t strike anyone as something that law enforcement would have benefited from knowing about before the community was shattered by death and permanent disability?

Or does the sheriff send men around to check on households and rattle windows and doors at night if they find less than ten guns on the premises?

2 thoughts on “The Roseburg Ostrich

  1. The problem is the gun nuts; the media and spineless politicians are happy with the blood and gore adrenalin that is destroying the sanity of our nation. Even the Christians are going for the gusto.
    Now even the women want to get out there and kill people.
    I was in the Army and qualified on all the weapons including the rocket launcher. I was also qualified as an expert rifleman. That is military and there are all sorts of weapons control. I do not carry or own a gun. Most people do not carry weapons because we do not want to live in a war zone.

    • Thanks for the comment, David. I wish that the voices of the professionals were heeded in these debates – both those arising from the armed services but also the police that suffer from the threat of violence every single day. As a Christian, I also take to heart your complaint. I interpret gun advocacy as a form of idolatry – a psychological attachment to death that strikes against the core of Jesus’s ministry.

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