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Annointed One, She

I had a beautiful dream this morning.

Pale, so pale, the fires of desire
Languidly pooling within.
I would see you wind-swept, tresses
Streaming, roses in airy worship.

Cool quencher of men’s passions
Once enflaming, merciless burning,
Surrendered also to misused wood,
Be so intemperate in your pity!

For surrendering life for Life,
Heart hungering for life, and
Life answering, passionately reaching
Filling, stretching, pulsing wings of joy

Stream through you, through those tresses,
Aloft in the sunlight amidst feathers and petals,
Each strand adored and adoring, eyes
Aglimmer in fertile futures.

Oh, let me worship at the well of Life
Within you, surrender my Power
Into the waters and soil of creation
Sustained, gentled, tempered protecting.

Shield me, dearest guide, shadow me
Cast the wisdom of your knowing over me
Rising above and over, meaning,
Oh tender breasts caressing, my mind

Guide into your heart, let me serve
You, part you, fulfill you as tender –
Yet with awed tears streaming –
Paroxysms of witnessing.

2 thoughts on “Annointed One, She

    • Thank-you. I’m glad it conveyed something of the experience, which was pretty amazing. It included a long episode of heart orgasms, which was what the “pulsing wings of joy” were all about. I hope that everybody feels that sometime – I’ve just never heard anybody talk about it.

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