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A House Crucified

Following the public outcry over its decision to gut the independent House ethics panel, Republicans backed down. When asked to explain why the public was so angry regarding their action, one member complained that the panel’s consideration of anonymous claims was unjust. In fact, he went so far as to say:

Even Jesus had the opportunity to face his accusers.

So let’s think about this: here’s a politician, a member of the most powerful legislative body in the history of the world, claiming parity with a man who decried hypocrisy among the political and religious authorities of his day. Here’s a candidate for public office, comfortable in his position in the world due to systematic efforts to suppress the votes of those that most need the support of society, claiming parity with a spiritual leader who picked his inner circle from among the most common of men – those despised and down-trodden. Here’s a Republican, one among those whose abuse of investigative authority smeared the public perception of a devoted public servant, leading to the transfer of our highest elected office into the hands of a man whose primary consideration in political affairs appears to be personal economic advantage, claiming parity with a martyr who was rail-roaded on trumped-up charges, lashed and crucified before his friends and family.

Oh, hypocrite! Oh, Satan! Get behind me!

3 thoughts on “A House Crucified

  1. Are they not three moves ahead, tying to make impeachment of Trump impossible by allowing intimidation and bribing of House members? Indict. Arrest. Election fraud is a crime. A wink and not to Russia is TREASON. We have 10 days, then he will officially control the FBI. The House backed down when he said to, and he does not yet hold any office. And which President took it upon themselves to respond to N. Korea? Indict. Arrest. End this charade.

    • As I see it, much depends on how the red-state electorate responds to the betrayal of their trust. The Democrats have chosen to organize and fight along the lines of the union and civil rights movements. Will the public follow?

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