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R&R Every Minute

Nestled in the hills of Scotts Valley at 800 Bethany Drive rises a new “multiversity.” Founded by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, it’s mission is to provide relief and wisdom to stressed-out high-tech workers.

I found the facility indirectly. Sera Beak and her partner were planning a workshop on “Being Imperfect.” I’ve been tossed out of such things in the past, but being as deeply involved in the process of Christ as I am, I figured that I owed something to Sera. She appears to have been traumatized by the crucifixion as she gestated in the Magdalene’s womb, a wound that she has sought shelter from in Mystery.

I signed up for the workshop back in March, and then planned to help Kevin with his relocation to Mountain View last weekend. As the date approached, I realized that I hadn’t received any “looking forward to seeing you” messages. So I called up on Wednesday and learned that the workshop had been cancelled back on June 6th. Because they had changed accounting systems, I was not notified.

I was committed to the trip, though, and decided to spend the weekend with them anyways. It was pricey, but I gained a lot from the setting, the staff, and the guests.

Waterfall1440The facility’s title: 1440 Multiversity. 1440 is the number of minutes in a day. And for three days, for every minute I did nothing of practical significance. I practiced my flute, took Qigong classes, and wandered among the redwoods. Three meals a day were provided by the kitchen, and I stuffed myself at every sitting without ever become bloated. When I became tired, I went back to my room and laid out on the king-sized bed.

StreamPath1440All of these factors combined to let my muscles lengthen and stretch. The burning cramp in the upper part of my right shin disappeared. Climbing up and down the steps to the stream, I discovered muscles in my back that allowed my to transfer strain from my knees into my hips. The burning around my patellae moderated.

Walking around the campus and eating at the dining table, I was heartened to encounter trauma counselors and patients learning new methods for grounding their emotions during treatment. Another workshop focused on yoga for the elderly.

When I woke in the pre-dawn hours, I played praise music and Brahms’ First Piano Concerto and Beethoven’s Ninth. As I projected my intentions into the world through this music, at one juncture a voice chimed in to observe, “So this is what it is like to be a god.”Centipede1440

And, yes, that is how I am presenting myself now. I walk around in my “Love Returns” t-shirt and when people ask me to explain the energy that surrounds me, I simply point at the crossed words and say “This is who I am.” The cognoscenti seem to believe that they can solve the world’s problems with the power of human intention, but they are misguided. They need the Most High. I thought that they would have recognized that by now, but this is a generation that seems to need to be beaten over the head with the truth.

Redwoods1440So how do we proceed from here? I’m doing my best to fill the world with light. The photos here represent my inspiration. It no longer makes a difference whether people declare their allegiance with my intentions. Those that hear the “still, small voice” in the night will be encouraged. Those that trumpet their own importance will tear each other apart as their dark islands become smaller and smaller.

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