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Don’t Think of Him as a President

Think of him as Rupert Murdoch’s spokesman-in-chief, retransmitting propaganda produced at Fox News.

Further elaboration on Facebook:

The role that Trump played in his grifters’ empire was to throw down a bluster smoke-screen for the legal weasels that intimidated their victims. Truth was of no import. His pronouncements were intended to manipulate hope, and – when the fraud was exposed – to sow confusion and fear.

The problem Trump confronts now is that he’s come to the attention of powerful institutions managed by people of principle, and his style is recognized as self- and other-destructive by those that know the ropes. His legal team – sufficient to handle the unsophisticated – has floundered, and consequently come into doubt.

So Trump has seized upon Fox News as the only relationship that has the weight to feed his ego and secure his empire, and has fallen into the old pattern of acting as an amplifier. Rachel Maddow and others have already remarked upon the correlation between his announcements and what has been aired recently on Hannity and other Fox programs.

A point worth making is that Murdoch is not an interloper in American politics. The continuing descent into the loony at Fox News is about the competition for the viewer base they share with Breitbart news. Murdoch cares only about profits and brand. With Bannon out of the White House and a loser on the campaign trail, Fox can administer the coup de gras to its competitor. Trump is an invaluable asset in that campaign.

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