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King vs. Gonzalez

Steve King of Iowa has posted a silly meme on his Facebook page criticizing Emma Gonzalez, Parkland mass shooting survivor, for wearing the Cuban flag. The thrust of the post is that Cuba’s history proves the need for citizens to carry arms to defend themselves against tyranny.

I could analyze this point, pointing out that Castro’s predecessor as dictator (Batista) survived only with US support, which – Bay of Pigs aside – suggests that the US military isn’t much of an asset to tyrannical government. They are our sons and daughters, and have always been listless in the service of despots.

Instead, I would like to thank Rep. King for elevating awareness of this issue. Many Republican voters in Florida are of Cuban descent, and this kind of ham-fisted attack on one of their own should play nicely for the Party of Sanity in the 2018 mid-terms.

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