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Always Check with the First Guys First

I wrote previously about the awe-inspiring intuition of Douglas Adams (see The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything). But today, after posting my blog entry, one of my colleagues pulled the page off his Dilbert desk calendar and came to show me what Scott Adams decided to write about today.

I have this sudden urge to watch that TV show. You know, the one with the lady in the creepy black dress and the groaning butler? Not to mention that cousin with the hair growth problem.

2 thoughts on “Always Check with the First Guys First

  1. Just yesterday or so I watched a video that mentioned Douglas Adams. (Where it was mentioned that he considered himself a radical atheist.) It inspired me to this thought based on all my life experience:

    P.S.: There’s “666” in the tweet URL. God is having fun again. ^^

    • Your tweet makes me smile, Dowlphin. One of the primary themes in my book Ma is the power that arises when we say “yes” to the people and things around us. Selfishness, of course, does the opposite. It says “No, be me!”

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