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My Marvel-ous World

I was a serious comic book collector while I was in college, and have been impressed with the movies that have been built around those titles. They are an introduction to the problems of growing into the powers that humanity must manage if it is to serve the purpose that the avatars of the great religions have put before us – to liberate ourselves from fear and master the skill of spiritual healing. They fall down terribly, however, in suggesting that childish mayhem will be supported by the elements of reality that empower such work, and tolerated by those that manage it.

While the Bible is of interest to me as a record of progress made in the past, it doesn’t provide much insight regarding the psychology that liberates us from fear and empowers us to perform great acts of spiritual healing. So I decided to make an attempt to describe that state of being. The first part of that exploration is the book Ma. I have now finished its sequel, Golem. The latter proposes a challenge to humanity – something that we can consider doing – as well as trying to illuminate the challenges of godhood, and the sense I have that it is a cycle.

Christian readers will be scandalized, perhaps, by my version of the second coming. More broadly, one of my readers has offered that I write great sex scenes. That was apparent in Ma, and in Golem the joyous claiming by Leelay of her right over Corin may lead some to cry “pornography”. C’est la vie. The author has his rights.

So I’ll be picking up my flute again, cleaning and dusting my apartment, and trying to figure out what to do with Golem. To this point, Ma and The Soul Comes First are commercial failures – which was pretty much as I expected. I had to give them a chance, though, and invested a lot of money in the effort. I may append Golem to Ma, which is only 50,000 words, and republish the latter. I’m sure that Trafford would like me to publish it as a separate volume. But I may also just give it away – putting it up on Good Reads and here.

As well as finishing the last 40,000 words of Golem, since November I’ve put up another 100,000 or so here. I’m going to be creating reference pages for that material. The first bookmarks the posts in my series on new directions in fundamental physics. Another will focus on Christian theology. It’s pretty heavy going, I understand. I should be able to shift to a lighter mode now that the basic message is out in the world.

Thanks to all of you that have been reading!

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