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Zmed Brothers

Played at Twisted Oak tonight. They actually are brothers, on electric mandolin and guitar, both with soaring reverb that carried up and around. The tension of the week was left behind, and I feel really relaxed right now.

Eclectic mix of covers, ranging from Kentucky Old Timey to Simon and Garfunkel to Hip-Hop S&M. When not soloing, the guitarist laid down the chord progression and offered edgy lead vocals. His brother sang with a far more polished alto voice, the contrast matching the tone of the instruments.

Much of what I was hearing was electronic tone generation, but there’s a definite skill in knowing when not to play as well. That was evident in their original numbers, the voices slipping around each other like sea-otters in the pool of sound. I stood up and drifted on my feet for the last two numbers, doing some floating myself.

As I noted last month: definitely a spiritual experience.

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