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How Not to Have a Popular Blog

A new study of Facebook usage confirms that people tend to interact with those that confirm their view of the world.

So, if you try to reconcile their views, are you agreeing with all of them, or disagreeing with all of them? Comparing my success as a blogger as compared to those with “conventional” views, it appears that the tendency is to respond as though I am disagreeing, and perhaps disagreeable as well!


5 thoughts on “How Not to Have a Popular Blog

  1. It’s good you have a sense of humour about social media!

    I like Facebook because yes, they are a community of friends and family. And they are spectacularly kind and supportive! There is the odd “disagreeable” post. I used to always scroll by but recently with two family members I said something about their (or their partner’s) offensive posts. It was a gentle “big sisterly” message but a sister and her partner “unfriended” me and will never talk to me again and a brother ignored me (nothing new). I don’t blame social media. I blame addictions and therefore, illness.

    By disagreeing with their disagreeable posts, I become disagreeable.

    • I’ve tried to be disagreeable at times. I’ve written some strongly-worded posts on abortion and gun rights. I can’t even get people to come out here and say that I’m the spawn of Satan or something!

  2. I’m chuckling here Brian, but popular is not always a good thing. There’s something to be said for quality over quantity. At some point last year, the most popular video was this guy shooting holes through his kid’s laptop out in a field. I like to observe and analyze these trends in what is popular and try to figure out what it says about us as humans. It’s rarely very encouraging.

    The larger bloggers generally go for some controversy, some feelings of persecution, some outrage and offense. Conflict and emotionalism gets us every time. People blog for different reasons I suppose. I like conversation and discussion, debate. Some people are aiming for hits, popularity, and still others are selling something.

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