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American Myopia

So I’m listening to Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow going on and on about the nominating process here in America, analyzing the psychology, political ideology, fund raising and electoral dynamics in New Hampshire. It was all very loud and breathless.

And then comes a notice for the Academy Award nomination for Winter on Fire, documenting the Ukrainian revolution, showing footage of citizens in confrontation with security services, and an under-age youth describing the dead falling around him.

What’s happening in American politics is exciting, but it’s not the only important thing going on in the world. Try not to feed the beast.

4 thoughts on “American Myopia

  1. Thanks, we’ll look for that movie. My maternal line fled the Ruskies back about 1896, from the western edge. They say we’re trying to undermine their culture, and they have commenced cyberattacks. Now if the areas of the eastern Ukraine with over 2/3 want to be Russian, go, and good luck. But it will be done politically, and not by invasion. We will draw the line, and it is somewhere in this neighborhood. I’ll go see them myself, to ask for the blood of my teacher’s family around Kiev, and a century of the harassment of my ancestors that I know about. Its no wonders these despotic morons fell for Marx and Lenin. Slavs. Russia, free yourself! Despots are often bad for a nation, ask Germany.

    Otherwise, peace, dude. A little moody today!


    • Yeah, well, I’m just depressed because the kids are throwing their weight behind a 74-year-old who didn’t have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby, promising them universal health care and denouncing big money politics, rather than the woman who actually tried to implement universal health care and who was the target of the corporation that gave the Supreme Court the pretext to declare that “corporations are people” and thus that their politic expenditures are protected free speech.

      Revolution is the cry of those that want to ignore the past. Unfortunately, as Santayana said (I paraphrase), “those that cannot recall the past are doomed to repeat it.”

    • Watch that center open up, and Colin Powell come back from Avalon! Ole Trumpet on the right could get me goin left!. Bernie was the one who first mentioned prescription drug abuse, and we are behind the rigged game idea, as one can see from me v. wordpress. Free market is different from oligarchy- money makes the rules, middle class disappears. I’ll be reading your Paul Ryan stuff in there. But Trump is as Right as Bernie is left. Congratulations gerrymandering! Now my new Centrist Libertarian Party can hire Ben and come up the center! I wish he’d wake up!

  2. And then there were the early 1930s and the Holodomor, Ukraine Famine. Gabriele Goldstone, my friend of more than 50 years, has written a series of children’s books based on her mother’s childhood at the time. Her grandfather was murdered for not giving up his farm to Stalin, and the rest of the family was sent to Siberia. Gabriele traveled to Ukraine and found the remains of what was once her grandfather’s windmill.


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