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In Service to Eve

This was inspired in discussion with Linda Boeckhout.

Interview Purpose

Concerned that contemporary culture is forcing women to interpret their lives in terms of masculine virtues, In Service to Eve is dedicated to celebratory expression of the feminine virtues. You have been chosen because the author finds you to be inspirational.

The interview is free-form, organized as prompts rather than questions with answers. Drawing upon notes and memory, the interviewer will create a portrait in blog post format. Some of the terms used by the subject may be changed to ensure consistency with a philosophical system. To avoid misapprehension, the portrait will be submitted for approval by the subject, and not published unless it is found acceptable.

The ultimate goal of the interview is to empower the subject through an affirmation of their virtue.

Interview Prompts

Describe yourself.

How would you like to inspire others?

Who is your most profound feminine influence?

What frustrates you?

Who is your most profound masculine influence?

What resources do you rely upon in bringing your inspiration to the world?

4 thoughts on “In Service to Eve

  1. Challenging questions Brian. And I do love “In Service to Eve”. Do you want me to go first in answering them?

    • Hi Brian, you could always ask certain women you meet (on- or offline).
      I think it would be even more interesting if someone just answers these questions, and you would respond to it, go into what these answers provoke in you. This way, you get a conversation going and depth. Something like an epistolary feuilleton.

      I pondered your questions this Whitsuntide weekend, which I thought was very appropriate. Good luck with thinking and structuring your new angle.

    • I did a conversational dialog with my friend Gabrielle a while back. I gradually moved the comments into the main body of the post.

      I think that there are mechanisms for doing this that would allow it to be published as a coherent dialog, rather than requiring readers to follow the back-and-forth. When I spilled my guts earlier this year, I went and password protected the post. That would be a good way to get the dialog going, and then to boil it down for public consumption while protecting the contents to ensure that everybody was happy with the result.

      I do need to get the site established. I was going to try to get Mary Margaret Groves to do some artwork for it, but I bailed on Full Contact Improv this week, and so didn’t see her. But I guess that I can begin working on the initial posts as long as they are private.

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