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Sensual Connection

A comment inspired by Sherry’s post out at Community Soulwork.

Sensual – that’s a much wider space to play in than “sexual.”

My first clue regarding the mechanisms of sensual connection came in a full-contact-improv class. The instructor passed around pictures of fascia – that fibers that tie our body tissues together. It is most readily identified by moving the skin over your muscles until the fascia reaches (rather suddenly) its limits.

When I dance, I feel that I am dragging spirit around. My fascia grows warm – it tingles. My partners told me that I was a great dancer, but being untrained I thought that they were just flirting. It was only much later that I realized that the spirit I was dragging around was wound in them as well. That was the cause of their wonder.

As I have explored this connection to the energies of life, I have discovered that when interrupted by another’s sexual advance, it flees. Sex is often brutal – a forcing of energies into certain tissues, rather than a collaboration that releases far-flung, pent-up desires for communion.

2 thoughts on “Sensual Connection

  1. Hi Brian,

    I have read your comment several times as I felt there was something for me. I’m not sure if I think sex is intrusive and aggressive on some level but I do prefer the mental/spiritual connection. Physical interaction can be distracting and jolt you out of a trance state which is so pleasurable, I think about it for days afterwards.

    Then I am one of the few people who can reach peak without touch. Through a combination of my thought and energetic connection with another person, I experience a dopamine induced bliss that is wonderous.

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