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Blessed, to Have Been There

In the Vedic tradition, maturity is a journey through progressive activation of the seven chakras. Our life energy arises through the first chakra, progressing upwards through the center of procreation before entering the realms of will, healing, truth, self-awareness, and unity.

Youth are drawn to those higher levels of activation in their elders. They struggle, however, with mismatched sensibilities. In approaching a healer, they experience the rise of energy through the lower chakras in their hearts. Their confusion is to interpret the gift as a sexual overture.

A someone working in the experience of unity, I have experienced this again and again in dance celebrations. I invite people into the space of unity, and they come on to me. Recognizing that, I drop down into that space and clarify it. But most youth are hedonists – few of them get the point.

On Democracy, Now! today, Amy Goodman highlighted clips of Joe Biden standing behind a young woman. He placed his hands on her shoulders and she blushed. He whispered into her ear. These are things that I do as well. They are gestures of blessing.

I have suffered greatly from those that interpret them as sexual overtures. They are not. Those that see them as sexual should grow up, because blessings – a gift of love offered without expectation of reciprocation – are essential to the construction of a moral society.

2 thoughts on “Blessed, to Have Been There

  1. the kundalini spirit is very sexual, not the holy or righteous pure love of Christ of God our Father’s Holy Spirit; I experienced it before I left the new age and renounced all spirits that counterfeit Christ. With all due respect, it is creepy to any one who has been born again of God of Water of Life and of the Spirit of resurrection Life; to any one who has asked and received the forgiveness of sins, redemption, wisdom from Above, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, sanctification, justification, glorification, and the purification of their heart by the River of Water of Life from the Throne and the refiner’s holy fire of the Holy Spirit and through the Blood of the Lamb of God, cleansed from all unrighteousness and falling short of the glory; saved, healed, delivered, transferred into the kingdom of the Son and set free; given the gifts of the Spirit of God our Father that include discerning of spirits.
    Respectfully, as one who thought all spirits encountered during practicing mystical traditions of all religions, I can tell you it is a lie from the Pit, and causes many to fall into the very things Revelation ch 1-22 warns us clearly to avoid in the church and in our lives.

    • Please read the posts on my About page. I have authority. Your tone is inappropriate.

      You should also digest the material at love-returns.org.

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