Coronavirus Lawsuit Brief

Whereas the greatly red state of Mississippi has established precedent in filing suit against China for damages arising from mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak;

Whereas the Executive Branch headed by Donald Trump has engaged in similar mishandling for political purposes, including:

  • Lying regarding the likelihood and potential severity of the epidemic,
  • Use of federal resources to promote and execute policies for Donald Trump’s personal financial and political benefit, and
  • Malignantly removing personnel essential to control of the pandemic when their honest counsel exposes Presidential incompetence and self-serving;

Whereas the Senate Republican majority did empower these acts in condoning similar conduct by President Trump as regards attempts to suborn US policy to coerce Ukraine to create a false narrative to damage a political rival;

Whereas the States run by Democratic Administrations have, through malfeasance and incompetence in the Federal Executive, suffered ten times the loss of life and economic activity than would have been endured had the Executive acted according to policies established by the prior Democratic Administration;

Therefore do these states file suit to act as follows pending control of the epidemic throughout these United States:

  1. Sequester all Federal Tax revenues;
  2. Establish Reserve Banks to ensure sufficient liquidity to allow their citizens to purchase essentials of life; and
  3. Confiscate goods, revenues, and assets in their States held by private companies chartered in States that both voted for Candidate Trump in 2016 and that failed to sanction the aforementioned conduct during the Ukraine impeachment.

Corona Choke-Hold

Well, I don’t know how many Chinese readers I have, but for God’s sake, people. You can’t claim that your authoritarian “brook-no-nonsense” system is responsible for preventing any new local infections today, when:

The reason the virus got out in the first place is because the Chinese state’s choke-hold on the news media prevented the world from knowing that it was loose.

Burn in hell, assholes!

Surely You’re Putin Me On?

Desperate to bury the cumulative effect of the Bengazi persecution, fratricide against current and potential House Speakers, the mendacious Planned Parenthood hearings, the onrushing consequences of global warming, and bellicosity from the Chinese state to which we have outsourced our electronics manufacturing – well, the Republican Party is doing what it does best.

It took almost a year before POTUS 43 declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. But with Russian and Chinese entry into the quagmire of the Middle East, Chris Christie and others have declared victory in less than a week. Russian victory, of course.

Let’s look at the beneficial side-effects of this development.

First, we’ll have to diversify our manufacturing sources. India has rushed into the 21st century with all wombs at full capacity, creating a labor glut that is consciously intended to undermine the economics that have made China the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. Given India’s position as a leading supplier of information technology services, India is ideally positioned to rapidly take up the role we must shift from China.

Of course, with a newly assertive Chinese navy operating in the South China Sea, the choke-point for most of Asia’s container shipping, we’d be well advised to bring our manufacturing back to the US. That will require an about-face from conservatives trying to destroy American unions. Then again, given Chinese dependence on Windows XP, the NSA might be able to force our adversaries to their knees in less than a week.

Secondly, we’ll have to limit our dependence on foreign oil. That will involve an “Apollo Program” style investment in renewable energy supply. Let’s hope the Koch Brothers are completely blind-sided by the opportunity.

Thirdly, we’ll have to relocate all of Israel to the United States. This innovative and educated community will spark a boom in our high technology industry.

Fourth, we’ll have the opportunity to seize interest payments on our Chinese debt, at a single stroke balancing the federal budget.

Sadly, we’ll accrue none of these beneficial outcomes. Russian victory in the Middle East is no closer than it was when Bush made his speech on the USS Independence. The bellicosity of the “Axis of Evil” – Russia, China, Iran and North Korea – reflects desperation in the face of unified action by the G20 to oppose their aggression with economic sanctions. They are playing 20th century great power politics, and will discover in due time the true cost of their adventurism: restless and demoralized populations at home, loss of markets, and attrition of military might and geopolitical stature in asymmetrical conflict against suicide bombers.

We’ll see how long it is before the oligarchs in the two countries organize the replacement of their military despots. And whether greedy American CEO’s will ever recognize the stupidity of outsourcing to dictatorships for the purpose of driving down global labor costs.