About Superdelegates

So the news is out that Bernie Sander’s supporters, who won the New Hampshire primaries by 22% but collected only a split on the delegates, want super delegates to conform to the popular vote.

Super delegates are Democratic Party members who have worked over many years to create the infrastructure that the Socialist from Vermont is using to fuel his presidential candidacy. They exist to prevent hot-heads and late-comers from hijacking that infrastructure to undermine the Party’s principles.

So, Sanders supporters, if you want to amend the rules to facilitate an outsider’s candidacy, I suggest that you start your own party. Otherwise, dig in for the long haul and vote Democratic – not just when a fashionable Messiah shows up that you abandon when he can’t deliver against your unreasonable expectations.

As occurred with Obama in 2010, a debacle that we’re going to spend decades digging out from under.