The Second Coming of Donald

Common interpretation of Revelation 11:15 is that the reign of Christ begins when Gabriel sounds his horn. Now I offer an alternative interpretation of the verse in The Soul Comes First as heralding the beginning of the age of Humanity who will bring redemption to the Earth through the intelligent exercise of divine love.

But you, know, scripture is inscrutable, and I’m beginning to realize that maybe we’ve all misunderstood.

Gabriel is known as the angel that transmits God’s truth. FOX news broadcasts “God’s truth.” A trumpet is a kind of horn. In the first Republican debate on FOX news, we saw nine Trump-ettes on the stage with Donald.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Jesus will be outed by the FOXing of Donald!

Of course, NBC will carry the coverage. Looks like FOX out-foxed itself.