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Sorry to Get All Technical on You…

To this point, I’ve been writing about spirituality with a certain confident imprecision. That confidence is backed by a model of physics that I am fairly confident can overcome many of the difficulties in modern particle theory. I wrote a Templeton Fund proposal a couple of years back, and sent it around to my erstwhile peers in the community. Response was tepid, at best.

Having published The Soul Comes First, I’m getting ready to put the research proposal back around in the community. I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to serialize it first here, as that may reach people with an interest in these matters that I can’t contact directly. I’ll start that tonight. It will run for the next two weeks. Then I’ll get back to moral philosophy, starting with the matter of death.

This will be fairly technical. Any of you readers that know some science buffs, you might have fun getting them to read through it.

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