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Generative Orders Research Proposal – Part I


The author proposes to develop research partnerships to develop a conceptual model of fundamental physics that has the potential to place spirituality on a firm scientific basis. The motivation for the scientific program is well-grounded in phenomenology, and the author outlines correspondence with established theory as limiting cases of the proposed model.

The author recognizes the gnostic implications of the program on society. Certain rules of engagement must be observed in doing such work – generally, the first application of any new technology is to obtain competitive advantage. To mitigate against such outcomes, the author has written a book that explains, in layman’s terms, the disciplines required to safely engage these principles, and the long-term personal and global consequences of failing to observe them. The proposal includes support for updating the book, entitled “Love Works”, and for professional preparation and publication.

The proposal seeks not to resolve all questions regarding the proposed class of theories. It is intended to stimulate thinking that should lead to independent research and funding by the research community. The proposal does include publication of a single paper that may demonstrate a significant point of departure from current models of particle physics and cosmology. Successful publication should stimulate “out-of-the-box” thinking by the research community, followed by independent research proposals.


The author’s principle qualifications for those work are selflessness and a commitment to Life in all of its forms. Many of the ideas presented were formulated through engagement with forms of sentience not recognized by many scientists.

With regards to the fundamental physics, the author received his Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics in 1987 and was active as a Post-Doctoral research fellow until 1992. Most of the conceptual underpinnings of modern particle theory and cosmology were developing during this period, and his observations of their development makes the author well-suited to recognize their short-comings.

However, the author recognizes his limitations with regards to the skill-sets of the modern particle theorist, including large-scale numerical modeling. The author will develop relationships at institutions with large-scale computational physics programs to collaborate in the program.


The principal motivation for this work is to heal the divide between science and religion that promotes fear, anxiety, anger and apathy in those confronted with the enormous global challenges of the 21st century. The author believes that science is a process of revelation that can embolden and empower those with a genuine desire to be of service to the end of healing the world. Religion is concerned with the development of disciplines that enable us to work safely with the requisite spiritual energies.

While fostering spiritual maturity is critical to a successful execution of the overall program, the development of supporting resources is fairly well advanced. (The author has published his moral and ethical philosophy at www.everdeepening.org, and Love Works is a popularization aimed at the culturally dominant community of Christian believers.) The author considers publication of Love Works to be a critical adjunct, and will not pursue separately the scientific program.

Plan of Exposition

Love Works is provided as an attachment for the evaluation. The focus of exposition will therefore be to motivate and describe the scientific program. The scope of the development is far greater than necessary to complete the work of the first year. As an alternative to theories that have had thousands of man-years invested in their development, it is important to establish plausible paths of investigation for the obvious problems that must be overcome in investigation of the new class of theories, characterized as theories of “Generative Order” (GO).

To be fair, the discussion starts with an enumeration of the failures of the prevailing class of theories, which are characterized as theories based upon “Gage Invariance” (GI).

Every physical theory has a set of fundamental constants. In current theories, the fundamental constants include the speed of light, the particle masses, Plank’s constant, and the strengths of the fundamental forces. The principle challenge in qualifying theories of Generative Order is determining the number and values of those constants. The exposition proposes a series of modeling problems that could be undertaken to evaluate a specific theory and determine its constants. Each modeling problem addresses a critical issue in establishing that a theory of Generative Order yields the current theory as a limiting case (just as Relativity and Quantum Mechanics have Newtonian physics as a limiting case).

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