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Called Out on Quotes III

Well, I was going to try to work up a quote from Hume, but I could not track the fragment found in On Kindness (Phillips and Taylor) to its source. I also got into a rather heated debate with IB, and am now too exhausted to organize my thoughts, which were to link Hume’s thought as a rebuttal of the nihilistic philosophy of Hobbes. The fragment says that Hobbes’s position is tenable only to “he who has forgotten the operation of his own heart.”

So, you know, I’m going to quote myself. From the home page out at everdeepning.org, this is the best wisdom that I have. It explains Humes’s observation, and sets forth the only path that I can see freeing us from the consequences of our actions:

Love dissolves the barriers of time and space, allowing energy, wisdom, and understanding to flow between us, and embracing us with the courage, clarity and calm that overcomes obstacles and creates opportunities. When we open our hearts to one another, there is no truth that is not revealed. And – for those that truly love themselves – no impulse to harm that cannot be turned to the purposes of healing and creation.

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