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The Deformation

What do you call it when legislation is crafted in secret by people that do not accept input from the primary stakeholders?

As explained by health care and insurance providers, it wasn’t Health Care Reform, it was Health Care Deform. As delineated by the Congressional Budget Office and academicians, it’s not Tax Reform, its Tax Deform.

The Catholic Reformation was a counter-reaction to Church practices that sold paper declarations of forgiveness for sins, financing wars for control of the papacy.

Our government is now controlled by men who have demonstrated the inability to inspire by example the behaviors that they expect to see in their constituents: independence, initiative and creativity. Invoking the heartless god of “free markets” as the source of solutions they cannot themselves design, they and their financiers fall back upon fear as their tool of choice. As society collapses, they justify their dominance by reference to the brutality of the under-class that they arm.

If they could perceive themselves as God does, the leaders of the party that rules our nation would be terrified by the terrible deformations they are creating in their souls. There is no pill for that, no amount of money that God would accept. You have made our government into a pustulent boil of selfishness. You will not be purged on judgment day, for there will be no need: you have chosen to isolate yourself from the saints that you persecute. When they enter into paradise, you will be left with the dehydrated husk of the planet you have raped.

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